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Mazda-6 (Commercial), by Mikhail Sedov

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Client: Mazda
Agency: Miguel Ivanov
Creative Director: Miguel Ivanov
Copywriter:Daria Sherstobitova
Director/DOP: Sebastian Weiland
1st AD: Anna Pushkina
Production Designer: Dennis Lischenko

Edit: Nikalay Ivanov
Production Company: Park production
Producer: Alex vasiliev
Prodction Manager:Alex Abramov
PostProduction Manager: Mikhail maganet

Design & Animation: Playd
Art Director: Platon Infante
Concept artists:Mikhail Sedov, Paul Shtyler, Dmitry Istomin, Alex Brin
Modeling:Alex Godzenko
Motion Artists: Mikhail Sedov, Paul Shtyler, Dmitry Istomin​

Mazda-6 (Commercial) by Mikhail Sedov

Senna, in the heart of Brazil, by Le Cube

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If you want to take a peep into our souls in one of our projects, this is it. This is the kind of project for which Le Cube exists.

Senna is more than a Formula 1 racer; for Brazilians, he is a hero, an icon of overcoming hardship, stubbornness and good character. Sadly to say, he died young, in a race in 1994. But his legacy lives on. Part of this is thanks to the Senna family who opened an NGO called “Instituto Ayrton Senna”; their mission is to help in the education of Brazilian children and keep the image of Ayrton Senna alive.

For the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, the “Instituto Ayrton Senna”, together with JWT and us (Le Cube), have prepared a beautiful message from Senna to all the Brazilian olympic athletes, pointing out the importance of winning at home. Ayrton Senna lost eight times before winning the Brazilian GP, and when he did, it was with a lot of effort. Still he faced it unflinchingly.

Take a look at what is, perhaps, our masterpiece. And, always remember to do your best and put all you have to accomplish what you want, just like Senna.

Senna, in the heart of Brazil by Le Cube

Motion Corpse No. 14, by Motion Corpse

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We approached some of our design and animation heroes to contribute to this round of Motion Corpse. They killed it!

Phil Borst 00:02 – 00:07, Jorge R. Canedo Estrada 00:07 – 00:12, Al Boardman 00:12 – 00:17, Andrew Embury 00:17 – 00:22, and Ariel Costa 00:22 – 00:27

Sound and Music by: Wesley Slover / Sono Sanctus


If you would like to participate in a round of Motion Corpse, email

Motion Corpse No. 14 by Motion Corpse

INIT + PEBBLE, by Other Peter

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This commercial was created for internet provider who was giving away pebble classic watch for every client. So the whole commercial aesthetic was based on smartwatch display graphics. One of the main goals of the project was to promote long lasting battery (7 days) of the watch. It was a lot of fun working on this project as I have never tried pixel art before, and during the process learned a lot about this amazing style.

Client: INIT
Directed by: Other Peter
Illustration: Anya Protsenko, Other Peter
Animation: Other Peter
Sound: Kai von Glasow

INIT + PEBBLE by Other Peter

compCode, by renderTom

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compCode is a tool for After Effects users to turn comps and layers into code and for template builders to easily package any project into sharable After Effects scripts.

compCode converts your design to a dynamic and shareable After Effects script. Simply select your composition (or layers), hit the compCode button and it will magicaly convert it to an executable After Effects script that is backwards compatible to CS6. No coding skills are required!

The resulting script can optionally be customized with user tokens. You can specify what the end user can modify, such as layer and composition names, new footage sources or custom text for text layers.

Included is the compPack feature which allows you to package together multiple scripts into one beautiful, searchable UI panel. Have folders of scripts inside of other folders, compPack is smart enough to rebuild the UI to match your existing folder structure.

In addition add artwork and information buttons to polish your UI, and get it ready to share with others in a professional looking tool.

compCode by renderTom

Instagram Logo Launch, by Buck

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Directed by Buck
Executive Creative Director: Ryan Honey
Executive Producer: Maurie Enochson
Producer: Emily Rickard
Art Director: Joe Donaldson
Design: Rasmus Bak, Joe Donaldson
Art Department: Joe Donaldson, Rasmus Bak, Xoanna Herrera
Director of Photography: Jonpaul Douglass
Animation: Joe Donaldson, Rasmus Bak, Nick Petley
Music and Sound Design: Antfood

Instagram Logo Launch by Buck

Join Motionographer on Patreon!, by Motionographer

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For as little as $2 a month, join our Patreon community and shape Motionographer’s future!

Learn more:

Production Company: Slanted Studios ( & PepRally (
Producer: Jennifer Vance (

Directed by Erica Gorochow ( & Michelle Higa Fox (
Design/Illustration: Erica Gorochow
Animation: Ana Kim (, Tynesha Foreman (
Additional Animation: Yussef Cole (

Music & Sound Design: StudioKamp (

Special Thanks: Gabriel Pulecio (, Erin Kilkenny (, Dan Savage (

Join Motionographer on Patreon! by Motionographer

DEAD AHEAD, by Donal O’Keeffe

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‘Dead Ahead’ is a postcard animation to the world of the horror movie genre. Our intrepid travellers head out into the wilderness on their road trip only to find one nightmare scenario after the other. With each step forward a new monster emerges paying homage to such classics as Friday the 13th, Jaws and Pet sematary.

DEAD AHEAD by Donal O’Keeffe